Nov 21, 2012


       Herbal capsules are widely sold and, if you need a special blend of herbs into capsules, some of the mail order herb companies blend and encapsulate custom orders for a nominal fee. Or you can put your own herbs in capsules. For best results, leave dried herbs whole or in large pieces until needed, to preserve their essential oils and medicinal properties.

     Herbs should be stored away from heat and light in well-sealed glass containers for maximum shelf life. When ready to use, grind them in a blender or spice grinder until they are powdered. To reduce exposure to herb dust, which can irritate nasal passages, wear a pollen mask. Two-part gelatin capsules, including vegetable gelatin capsules for vegetarians, are widely sold in health food stores and herb catalogs in sizes ranging from 0 (largest) to 00 and 000 (smallest).
      Many herbal companies sell mechanical capping devices that hold several capsules in place for faster and easier filling.