Apr 14, 2009

Conventional medicine for allergies

In conditions where the allergens cannot be avoided, allergen hypnotherapy is used for allergy treatment and alleviation of allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy, commonly called allergy shots or injections, can be given to desensitize a person to the allergen. With allergen immunotherapy, allergic reactions can be prevented or reduced in number or severity. However, allergen immunotherapy is not always effective. Some people and some allergies tend to respond better than others. Immunotherapy is used most often for allergies to house dust mites, pollen, insect bites, and animal dander.

Immunotherapy injections in some occasions may cause dangerous allergic reactions in itself. Thus, this should be done by a certified medical practitioner and done with sufficient medical observation. If the person has mild allergic reactions to immunotherapy, a drug- antihistamine is given.

Antihistamine drugs:

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