Dec 22, 2008

Allergic conjunctivitis (AC)


Allergic conjunctivitis (AC)- allergic inflammation of the eye conjunctiva, manifested itchy century, hyperemia, watering, due to exposure to causal allergen.


1. Required laboratory tests:

Clinical analysis of blood - one-time (with changes in repeated studies 1 every 10 days);


An overall analysis of urine - on one occasion;

Cytological study separable from the eye - once.

2. Additional laboratory studies (single):

Bacteriology separable from the eye;

Virology research;

Biochemical investigation of blood (bilirubin, ALT, AST, urea, blood glucose).

3. Mandatory allergically survey:

Skin tests with atopic allergens (prick, scarification).

4. Additional allergically and immunological survey:

Determination of total serum IgE;

Specific IgE;

5. Additional research tool:

Conjunctival provocative tests.

6. Consultation specialists.

Required: allergist-immunologist, oculist, ENT doctor.

Characteristics of treatment

1. Appointment hypoallergenic diets, as well as recommendations on changing lifestyles in response to identified allergens causes.

2. Drug therapy.

Antihistamines systemic medications 1 generation (with acute AC heavy and mid flow) - chloropiramin (suprastin) hifenadin (fenkarol) klemastin (tavegil) to 1 pill for 2 times a day rate for 10-14 days; ketotifen (zaditen) to 1 pill for 2 times a day long courses;

Antihistamines systemic drugs 2 generation (with AC light and medium-severe) loratadin (klaritin) astemizol (gismanal) and others on Table 1. on the day of 10-14-day course.

Drugs of choice:

Preparations chromoglycidol in the form of eye drops (high-Krom, kromogeksal, optikrom, etc.) to 2 pills for 3-4 times a day long courses.

GKS topical - with heavy flow AC (hydrocortisone eye drops, oftan-dexamethasone drops, etc.) - in individual doses.

Antihistamines topical medications: levokabastin (gistimet) to 2 drops for 2 times a day or azelastin (allergodil) to 2 pills for 2 times a day.

3. Implementation of the SIT in a specialized institution allergological with no contraindications.

The length of hospital

Treatment is carried out, mainly in the outpatient polyclinic conditions for 10-14 days.
Requirements for the Treatment Results

Full recovery.

Patients are subject to medical check-up allergist-immunologist.

If you can not carry out treatment in the outpatient conditions - inpatient treatment (10-14 days).

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