Mar 13, 2009

Asthma Attack-The Signs Of An Asthma Attack And What To Do During An Asthma Attack

The most important knowledge to have about your asthma is what do do during an asthma attack. First of all, how do you know it is an asthma attack? If you are having any trouble taking in air or if there are other symptoms such as wheezing, severe coughing, or chest pain from airway restriction, you should always take action quickly. These are the main symptoms to look for in an oncoming attack. If you have a rescue inhaler such as albuterol, then use it as soon as possible. At least some form of asthma treatment at the beginning of an asthma attack is the only way to prevent a full blown severe asthma attack. Use anything at hand to stop it from getting worse or at least slow it down. If you do not have an inhaler or a nebulizer at the time, then a hot cup of coffee will at least open the airways a little. Sometimes a cup of coffee will actually stop the asthma attack. There are also ephedrine tablets and inhalers such as Primatene, if you have asthma you should keep at least one of these things handy at all times. It is easy to forget the danger involved with asthma because it has a “low fatality” rate, but does roughly 200,000 people dead each year world wide sound like a low number to you? Doctors do have the best asthma treatment medicines by far, but in a pinch use what you got or can get fast. Even if your asthma rescue medicine works and the asthma attack subsides, you should follow up with a doctor as soon as possible to get a better asthma treatment regime to prevent your asthma from getting out of control. On the other hand, if all the listed asthma rescue treatments do not stop the asthma attack, then get to the nearest hospital quickly. This is the only option for an asthma attack that does not respond to emergency rescue asthma treatments. In this case you should have someone drive you to the nearest hospital or call 911, you should never attempt to drive during an asthma attack, unless given no other option. An asthma attack is a very life threatening condition that requires medical attention fast. Kids asthma attacks and adults asthma attacks are almost the same and should be treated as such. If you are with someone who is suffering an asthma attack, keep in mind that they are in severe pain between the constriction of their airways and the overwhelming sensations of being smothered. The person can and probably will become very irritable. This is common in all people who are suffering through the symptoms of an asthma attack.

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