Sep 7, 2011

Efficacy and safety of cetirizine therapy in perennial allergic rhinitis

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was undertaken to assess the safety and efficacy of once daily cetirizine in alleviating the symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis. Subjects were adults with perennial allergic rhinitis, characterized by nasal congestion, postnasal discharge, sneezing, rhinorrhea, nasal itching, lacrimation, ocular itching, and itching of the roof of the mouth, and a total pretreatment symptom severity score of greater than or equal to 8.

Patients were randomized to treatment with 10 mg cetirizine, 20 mg cetirizine, or placebo for 4 weeks. Efficacy was assessed in 215 patients and safety in 216. Cetirizine in once daily dosages of 10 or 20 mg proved to be effective in relieving the overall symptoms of perennial allergic rhinitis and particularly postnasal discharge and sneezing.

The 10-mg dose afforded optimal symptomatic relief, and the 20-mg dose provided little or no additional benefit. Cetirizine was well tolerated, and the frequency of somnolence was not significantly greater in patients receiving this drug than in those given placebo.

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