Sep 12, 2011

For the treatment of allergies - Zodak Review

My aunt boys / especially older / just tortured this spring colds and viral respiratory infections.
It seemed as chickenpox, but the cough continued to be bothered, sometimes for 2-3 hours in a row.
And the nose is constantly dripping. Cough and anti viral drugs did not help.
Complained to the doctor, she advised that the miracle medicine / say that the probability allergies - spring, because the lab tests were healthy kids /.
I thought that just'll throw money down the drain / 10 $ for a bottle / but very wrong!
Almost immediately after taking the rain stopped snot almost disappeared cough.
Our surprise, there was no limit - because the earlier gave more money from allergies - suprastin, diazolin ... but the effect was zero.
A drop is simply magical! Now they have to constantly look and use in allergic manifestations only them.
But still very useful - 20 drops / sentimental / in a glass of water - and on all day long enough! Recommend.

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