Sep 22, 2011

Iran holds pharmaceutical conference to honor Pharmacy Day

Tehran has hosted the 10th nationwide pharmaceutical conference to mark the Pharmacy Day.

Almost 2000 pharmacists from across the country attended the three-day conference, which was mainly focused on such issues as treatment of the common diseases of the elderly, pharmacotherapy, the elderly medicine and the application of herbal drugs.
The conference also came to mark the pharmacy day, which was named after Zakaria Razi; Born in 865 CE Mohammad Ibn Zakaria Razi was a great Iranian polymath, physician, alchemist and chemist, philosopher and scholar. Razi made fundamental and enduring contributions to the fields of medicine, alchemy, music and philosophy. He is known to have perfected methods of distillation and extraction. He has also discovered alcohol.
The advent of modern pharmaceutics goes back to 100 years ago. Since then Iran has made major developments in this field. To the extent that despite the ongoing sanctions against the country, Iran produces 95% of its domestic pharmaceutical needs.
According to reports, Iran is among the top 15 countries when it comes to treating its cancer patients. Meanwhile, Iran produces high quality drugs for asthma and cancer treatment. The country has already unveiled five different radiomedicine projects with applications for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a number of diseases.

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