Mar 26, 2012

Is the Prevalence of Allergy Continuously Increasing?

Health systems and investigators worldwide have been asking themselves for many years whether the prevalence of atopic illnesses has been increasing continuously.
It is mandatory to consider studies using comparable methods to validate these

The Aberdeen study considered the presence of asthma diagnosis, wheezing, eczema, and rhinitis between the decades of 1960 and 1990, showing a significant increase in all of them, not attributable to a diagnosis fashion but to a truly change in prevalence, using the same methodology in two time points in 25 years. In this population and throughout these years, the proportion of wheezing increased from 10% to almost double, diagnosis of asthma from 4% to 10%, rhinitis from 3% to almost four times, and eczema from 5% to more than double. All these variables increase particularly noticeable in boys.

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