Aug 24, 2012

Water And Allergy

Instead of referring to drink that poison the blood circulation and impair the mind, we need to have a useful habit to drink water in large quantities. Water - a natural drink that cleanses the blood of waste products exchange, cleanses the body as a whole and cures disease. Water is one of the most important and effective drugs.
"Clean water dissolves used and useless material and transports them in the blood to the relevant bodies of selection: the liver, skin, kidneys and lungs, thus prompting the metabolic products. With the exception of air, water is the most important for the organism "product." It is derived from the body in four ways: through the lungs, skin, kidneys and intestines. Due to water toxins are removed from the tissues and dissolve. With an increase in blood volume increases and the water content, which is dissolved and removed, respectively, and more metabolic products of all organs. Useless products are discharged, as was proved by increasing the amount of urine and increased sweating skin.

The physiological benefits of water
"The cold water in large quantities specifically affects the stomach and all the organs of digestion," - says Dr. Keerend. "Her temperature is a strong reduction, cools the stomach and intestines, dissolves all deposits, without irritating them. Indeed, those who are aware of the special role of the digestive system in treating chronic diseases, can easily assess the beneficial effect of water.
There is no more effective way for the normalization of the parameters of the internal environment than water, which carries used, useless and toxic substances to the organs of the selection.

The water should be drunk several times a day. Very good to drink water immediately after getting the morning before eating. You can drink 3 or 4 cups. In any case, you should start with one cup and gradually increase the dose in subsequent days.
Water works best when the stomach is empty. Physical exercise is desirable to carry out in the fresh air. As a result, for breakfast, you will have a good appetite.

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