Jan 14, 2013


 Portable Inhalers

    Abstract     Dry powder inhalers (dry powder inhaler - DPI) are common as a means of inhalation drug delivery forms, especially in Europe, where they are being used by a large number of patients for the delivery of drugs for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DPI prevalence in the U.S. increased gradually after the launch Serevent Diskus, and in the late 90's a significant increase in the scale of the success was due to the DPI Advair Diskus. This combination of two well-known clinicians drugs in a convenient, easy to use the device to create a common standard in the pulmonary delivery of drugs in the treatment of diseases, which a few years ago it was impossible to expect. DPI is useful for patients, especially for combination therapy, as well as provides better adherence. Design and development of any drug delivery system based on the powder - a difficult task.  

    The key is the selection and optimization of the dosage form so as to conform to the geometry of the device for inhalation. Approaches have been investigated as to the creation of engineered particles (complex structure), and to the development of active dry powder inhalers, which are used to generate the aerosol additional energy sources (other than the patient's inspiratory force), which increases the accuracy of dosing. Also an important issue is the problem of interaction with the device for patient inhalation. However, one of the most important moments in the pulmonary delivery by DPI are aerodynamic parameters of aerosol (particle size), and its potential ability to achieve the necessary level of deposition in the lungs.

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