Sep 24, 2008

Advices for allergy sufferers

(for people with allergies to apitoxin and vespine toxin )
* Do not let children play around tree trunks or stumps (they often serve as nesting vespine);
* Do not go barefoot on grass, because the bees can gather nectar from flowers small, and some families even live at ground level;
* Avoid picnic, do not eat fruit and drink sweet drinks outdoors;
* Do not take sunbathing, if you just came out of the water or perspire if your skin is covered with cream to tan, because it can attract insects;
* Do not wear clothes of bright colors;
* Keep calm and do not make sudden movements when close to a wasp or a bee;
* Before you get into the car, make sure that there are no wasps or bees.
Traditional methods often produce results that can not be achieved through chemistry.
As the magazine says "consumers" is for people with allergies are very individually, but we show them a few popular recipes:
* Potion turns used for bathing and washing, especially when diathesis in pediatric practice.
* Skin ointment with allergic dermatitis or other non-communicable nature, difficult to lodge treatment. Cooking - melt down sequentially 12 components: bee wax (1 weight part); internal fats - mutton (1 hour), pork (1 hour), goose (1 hour), chicken (1 hour), duck (1 hr .) Oil - CREAMY (1 hour), liquid petrolatun (1 hour), sunflower (1 hour).
* 1 / 2 part of a framework to mix with warm tar oil(1 hour) and with massaging action involved with small business pounded soap (1 hour) and colloidal sulfur (1 hour) and spread in basis. Store in a cool place in a sealed tank. Apply a two-week courses (outside the aggravation) to the recovery of the skin.
* Juice cauliflowers clover pratal well helps with allergic conjunctivitis.
* Violets potion tricolor (pansies) is recommended in the skin of allergic diseases. 1 liter presents at the bath water to water procedures. When local skin lesions can be itchy urged douche these areas or to make lotion.
* Ledum potion swamp can also be used for water treatment (1 liter present at the bath water) or making the local processing of the affected area of skin.
Advices for spring allergies
Peak production of pollen is in the time between 5 and 10 am - out of the house is better to postpone to another time.
Staying in the sun should be kept to a minimum, to walk better after a rain, when pollen washed out of the air.
After a stay in the streets need to perform one's ablutions, or rub with a damp face towel. Change clothes, take a shower, since pollen may meet in hair and tissue.
If the eyes are redness so you need to wash them with cold water. Make a wash or wipe the face with ice.
Ventilate the apartment. Curtain the windows and doors two or three wet gauze curtains, so that pollen does not hit the building.
Use of such a harmless product, such as apples, during the flowering birch can be a serious allergic reaction.
By products allergic also include birch juice, nuts, carrots, all kernels fruits like: cherries, cherry, plums, grapes.
Intolerance of animal protein decreases as the bodies mature, so from time to time to time and again to give the child to try the products it bad moves (first consult a physician).
If you have noted intolerance of any medicine, inform your doctor. Do not forget that the immune system has a good memory! My memory, however, sometimes leads, and therefore should be recorded: when, where and by what you have developed a reaction.
It should record the data on the card and carry it along with your passport.
The most common drug allergies are:
Penicillin and its derivatives (antibiotics) can lead to anaphylactic shock (a dangerous common allergic reaction) requiring measures ambulance. More often, there is only a rash.
Antitetanus and antidiphtheric serum may be reintroduction to cause the development of dangerous reactions. Previously, they were prepared from horse blood and were very allergens. Now they are made from human serum, which carried better.
Insulin for diabetics produced from the pancreas of pigs or whales. This insulin also causes allergic reaction (rash, etc.). Now is the human insulin.
The Council, with the propensity to eczema:
These people are often excitable, and sometimes aggressive to others. It is noteworthy, given the past endurance itch who are sick.
* If your child's eczema, the best help it - the attention, tolerance and understanding.
* Not be overdiligent and do not worry. Better hide the emotions than to cause panic.
Eczema and clothing
* Do not wear woolen clothes on bare body (wool strengthens itch).
* Wear cotton clothes with long sleeves.
* Avoid wearing rough clothing or clothing of irritating tissues (Polyester).
* Avoid and close-fitting clothing (sweat is annoying effect).
Council if the nose founded:
* Do not abuse the drops against the cold: their effect over time waning, and abuse resulting in damage to mucous membranes.
* Use saline solution - 9 g salt (about two tea spoons) per liter of boiled water. Earth for several drops.
Why smoking?
Nicotine contained in tobacco, increases the phenomenon of mortgaged nose. This is sufficient reason for refraining from smoking and requests to others not to smoke in your presence.
Council of asthma patients:
Patients with asthma are strongly encouraged to play sports. Exercise helps not only to control their condition, but also practice breathing.
Talk with your doctor, what sport you do. Swimming - an ideal solution because the air in the basin of warm and humid. Swimming tones the body and improves the function of external respiration.
It should, however, be careful, because water in some pools contain too much chlorine, which irritates bronchi.

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