Sep 25, 2008

Antiallergic program

The decision of the World Organization for Allergies and the World Organization for immune(-associated) disease was declared the World Day to Combat Allergies, which took place on 8 July 2005.
Spring in the city! The time when the center of gravity - parks, squares, highlighted the warm sun benches - in general, places where spring through fresh herbs, kidneys on trees, timid and touching primrose.
Spring in the heart - this breath full-breasted in front of the new achievements, cradling the head of love and openness worldwide!

Spring - in the eyes?
This is already possible to understand in different ways ... someone - light and joy in sight, but someone - tears and mulligrubs ... that crosses all the beautiful moments, accompanied by a runny nose and hacking cough called "pollinoz." And wants nothing but to hide where spring does not suffice!
Indeed, one of the most "simple" way to fight allergies - avoid contact with allergen: go to places where bloom has not yet started or is already finished, try not to go out, especially in dry windy conditions, do not open the window and it is desirable to install purifiers air
But how is it a shame! - if we do not see spring, we may miss the entire life!"
Lost the charm of spring - a stumble on the startup. And there are so many plans, yet boldly built into the new year, fill a vital force that is now ... How great of us waiting!
So let's save our tears spring!

Pollinoz - allergic diseases caused by pollen and plants mainly characterized by acute inflammatory lesions of mucous membranes of respiratory tract and eyes. There are 3 current period pollinoz: spring, caused by pollen of trees and shrubs; year - cereal grass pollen, summer and autumn - weed pollen.
According to statistics, over the past 30 years, the incidence of allergic grown each decade in 2 times. If this trend continues - soon islands of greenery in urban areas will be no center of gravity, a zone of exclusion for the majority of residents ... Already prone to allergies and 40% of urban residents.
The reasons for increase in the number of allergy sufferers are numerous. This unfavorable environment and heredity, and increasing household chemicals, which facilitates our lives - but has a clear impact on health, especially our children. Whatever the cause, cure of allergy is difficult, therefore, the most common method of combating it - alleviating its symptoms. A lot of them can be very different - a runny nose, swelling nose, cough, shortness of breath, rash ... After all, strictly speaking, allergy - this is not one disease but a group of pathological states. This may be allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, eczema, bronchial asthma ...

A short history "long song" allergy
Allergy - a disease known long ago. Napoleon suffered from it, Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust ... and many other known and not so rich and famous, children and adults, men and women ...

But the treatment of allergy is a much shorter history:
* In 1906 the Austrian pediatrician Clemens von Perk first introduced the use of the term "allergy" (from the Greek "allos" - a modified state, and "ergon" - response).
* History Use antihistamine (antiallergic) drugs begins with 1939. The spread they were in the 60-ies. They are characterized by low duration and a large number of side effects. For first-generation drugs include suprastin, dimedrol, diazolin, tavegil, pipolfen.
* The second generation drugs antihistamine extension to 1981. They are comparable to preparations 1 st generation, but the possibility of using them in higher doses and fewer side effects make them more effective. The second generation drugs include kestin, ketotifen, gistalong, sempreks, klaritin, zirtek.
* In 1996, there Antihistamines third-generation drugs - such as erius, telfast. They represent the pharmacologically active metabolites of drugs II generation, and are less pronounced sedative effect. However, there remains the potential for such side effects as headache, drowsiness, nausea, fatigue, etc. In addition, less drug therapy - is artificial chemicals, which increase the burden on the liver.
Today Walsh Pharma SUA is a way to win without the help of allergic pharmacological drugs - antiallergic program! Its product - completely natural, time-tested:

Bioline Allergy (herbals extract) it is complex therapy of allergic diseases: pollinosis, bronchial asthma, multiple organ allergy, dermatitis and respiratory syndrome, year-round allergic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis in a combination with disbiosis intestines the Preparation is shown, how in independent, and complex therapy of allergic diseases. This preparation is indicated both as the independent and basic preparation, and for the complex treatment of an allergy, and preventive treatments during the periods of a supposed aggravation.

Side effects: not known

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