Nov 20, 2008

Symptoms of allergies

The term «allergy» first appeared in the scientific daily use in 1906. It was introduced by Austrian pediatrician K. Pirke. The word «allergy» formed from two Greek words: allos - "other" and ergon - "Action".

Encyclopedic Dictionary defines as an increase in allergies or twisted body's sensitivity to an allergen or - substances which cause allergies. In the simpler immune system and the body responsible violent reaction and exaggerated protection for substances that are themselves quite harmless.

To date, allergy is a global health problem, it suffers more than 20% of the world's population. Every decade, the prevalence of allergic diseases doubles.

The nature of allergy in many ways remains a mystery. Allergies may arise suddenly and unexpectedly in the same way. One of the main "culprits" of allergy - histamine. There are others - serotonin, acetylcholine, heparin. Run into the blood in large numbers when any allergen (pollen, dust, hair, etc.) provokes the immune response, these substances are expanding vessels, the allocation of fluid from small vessels, reddening skin. Hence - irritated mucous membranes nose, runny nose and sneezing.

Predisposition to any type of allergy is liable to be inherited. For example, if a parent is suffering from allergies, the child might develop allergies, but not necessarily the same type.

There are many substances that cause allergies: dust, washing powder, medicines, animal hair, pollen plants, paints, cosmetics, sunlight, food, insects, etc. Most important, both for prevention as well to treat allergies - to identify its cause, the allergen, which causes all the unpleasant consequences. But this is not so easy, it is difficult to find and even harder to get rid of its impact.

If you are allergic to, say, at
poplar seed tufts - you are lucky. Of course, you can argue with me. You say that a runny nose, swelling nose and headaches - it is awful, and in doing so, I agree with you. But this state lasted only a month until flowering poplar.

Imagine that feels people are allergic to cold.
You are such, may not even be heard.

More about Cold allergy you can read in next topic.

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