Nov 20, 2008

Allergy Cold

The existence of the Allergy Cold acknowledged relatively recently. Prone to severe frosts people in trouble breathing, they arose cough and sharp red leather. However, according to pulmonology, allergy ownership of frost is not as often. But as a man who knows the crux of the matter, I can say that the frost - it is just a small part of what causes suffering. Allergy manifested in contact with cool water, draft, the raw weather in the transition from a cold room into a warm, even if you're in the summer day after the burning sun to get up shop in the shade.

So, forget not only the ski walks, but also the warm sea. Without the pills you can not do and step.

There are several types of allergic reactions to cold.

The most simple and common - a cold allergy is not related to any other diseases.
It manifests itself in a few minutes after exposure to cold in an eruption in open areas of skin: on the face, hands, often on lips after drinking cold beverages. Rash tight, pink or whitish color, past endurance itch as hives after a few hours disappear without trace. Sometimes the rash accompanied by a feeling of burning, rather than itch and longer response body to the wind than the cold. There may be more severe cases, when, after vanishing rash remain bruises. In addition, there may appear headaches, decrease blood pressure.
When cold food allergies broken open the skin that can cause cold dermatitis - on the face, ear sink, hands appear claret-red itchy spots.

So cold, allergy manifests itself in several major options, look at them.

Urticaria - reddening skin with itch and blisters. Maybe and the cold air, and cold water. The combination of raw cold "- especially a nuisance. More often than not suffer a person, brush and foot, popliteal region and the inside of the thighs.

Saving in such cases - the warm, dry room with hot and dry clothes, hot drink and drugs Antihistamines. Of course, dress warmly - it is not a panacea, but still. Wool and synthetic fabrics increased the expression of allergies, clothing, which is directly adjacent to the skin, ideally, should be cotton or linen.

Cold - pseudoallergic rhinitis. It provokes cold air. Of course, it is possible to earth nose before exiting into the street, but the frequent use of drops affecting mucous membrane. So, still a point massage and a warm shelter.

Conjunctivitis - red eyes, tears and itch, is to enter into a warm room, the symptoms disappear. These are manifestations of pseudoallergic conjunctivitis. You will likely have to abandon the make-up and contact lenses, if you do not want to make this conjunctivitis. Wear tinted glasses and use a single hanky the package.

Migraine. Surely everyone to imagine ever felt that the impact of the cold: when it seems that the jaw froze, and now headache. This so-called, "ice-cream headache" - cold migraine. If you do not treat it seriously, you can earn neuralgia threefold nerve and it has not eliminated a simple warming. It is not safe, wear headgear on the season, is not fond of cold desserts and drinks.

Radiculitis comes from the roots of inflammation caused by degradation on a cold immune systems. To all this did not happen - make warmer, but certainly if get chilled - faster in warm bath, drink hot tea, massage reins heating ointment.

Trouble breathing may occur if the cold allergy provoked the so-called bronchospasmodic reflex that causes a sharp narrowing of the airways. Normally warm immediately passes. If the reaction to the cold delayed, it said hyperactivity bronchus, the predisposition to bronchial asthma. You should ask the pulmonologist or allergist. Outdoor Cover your mouth and nose scarf or mittens. Only breathe through the nose - mouth in no case!

So, in all cases, one council - make warmer. Before leaving impose on the face and hands of a thin layer of fat cream - it partially protects the skin from exposure to cold. You can also before leaving the house in cold weather drink warm tea.

At the moment, the treatment of allergy is a beautiful myth. What medications do not be promoted, they are not treated, but only relieve symptoms. Many of them, to be honest to the end, have side effects, foremost among which is addictive. In addition, they affect the liver, kidneys, nervous system and metabolism. So ten times think about what treatment to choose. Do not argue that, to date, medicine make a stap far ahead, but in the endless race of technology, people, ultimately, struggling with itself and with nature, part of which he is.

Do not rush to engage in self-advertise drink and drugs. Talk to your doctor. The cause allergies may be other diseases, such as kidney failure, chronic tonsillitis, disruption of the thyroid gland, etc. Very useful treatment herbs. Unlike drugs, their positive impact is not immediately and demands the regime and integrated applications. Do not forget that the use of herbs can be as harmful as helpful. Incorrect dosage and the proportions of turning them into poisons. Therefore, I will not give advice or recipes - find a specialist or buy ready-to phytopharmacy charges.

And the universal advice: temper! By quenched man cold allergy is not come with any party! And most likely, not only allergies.
Index - believe in yourself body truly capable of independently dealing with the problem, you just need to him a little help.

Stay healthy!

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