Dec 17, 2008

«Master purity»: Assistant or foe?

Whatever was not a pleasant smell gel dishwashing, you are unlikely to want to accompany you during lunch.
Cleaners, making his case should be quickly and definitively quick wash off jet of water.

According to the results of tests wash off most facile have tools such as «Bingo», «Pril Power-Gel», «Dosia» and «Fairy». The rest praised the strong quartet.

These gels tested in the PH-rate. Women are perfectly aware of the PH skin is 5.5, and the closer to the funds rate, so it is safer for hands. It turned out that all the tested means nearly neutral to the skin. The largest deviations from the cherished figures were observed in 5.5 «Fairy plus».

So, on the total points divided the victory means «Dosia», «E», «Drop Sorti» and «Cinderella». And the last two found the most optimal ratio of «price - quality». Incidentally, all of the tests showed that the cleaning ability of democratic gels at a cost often no worse than that of more expensive.

Can poison gel for dishes?

Scientists and doctors agree: it is desirable that the liquid is once again not reach us in the body - chemistry is chemistry. However, as far as gels harmful, so far no one plainly can not say. According to some reports, they can cause allergies, cancer, hypertension and even nervous disorders. Particularly at risk are people who in the body lacks certain enzymes turn glucose into energy.

Some doctors believe that the «master of purity» could provoke genetic changes, which means that future mothers and dads before conception is better for these liquids do not touch. Better to wash the dishes «grandfather» proven ways - household soda.

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