Dec 16, 2008

Kissed passionately!

Part One. Pleasant.

Psychologists from the University of Berlin scientific way found that three 20-second kiss in the morning provided a romantic mood for the whole day. A long kiss able to stop even begin vein automatic nervous system of dystonia.

One kiss for a minute, enough to reset the 12 kilocalorie and tear off attack vascular autonomic nervous system dystonia.

And this is scientific justification. And yet, this «process» increasing the allocation of adrenaline, which increases overall and mental activity.

How does it explain? Our lips hundreds of times sensitive than finger. Kiss leads to the movement of entire 34 muscles (including 12 around the lips and tongue at 17) and is released into the blood hormone of happiness - endorphin.

When we are kissing, leather became pink and becomes warmer. Because of the sudden tide of blood Bay fill and became red. That is why lipstick bright colors increases erotic attraction.

Passionate kissing increases the pulse rate up to 150 strokes per minute! This stimulates blood flow and oxygen saturation of brain cells. Hence, we quickly «savvy», concentrate, store.

In our saliva lived a huge number of bacteria. When you kiss strangers bacteria emigrate and our defensive system is immediately triggered, starting the formation of antibodies. This gives a powerful boost immunity.

Dentists from the University of Chicago called a passionate kiss a kind of natural «cleaner». They learned this by experience ...!

Dentists believe that regular and long kisses - perfect prevention of caries. The fact is that our saliva is rich in calcium and phosphorus compounds, as well as natural antibiotics. When you kiss it does not stagnate, the process of making a faster and more useful substances act.

But even with the help of a long kiss, you can get rid of course.

You can not believe, but energetic, hot kiss causes stress all those muscles, improves blood circulation and superficial wrinkles smooth.

And with one kiss Passion spent 12 calories - after kilometer scamper or washing floors. But even in such a pleasant way possible to get rid of the hiccup. And yet draw.

Duration perfect kiss - 3 minutes. It is advisable to look each other in the eye. Then all you have to be good.

Part Two. A less pleasant.

After kissing can be transferred quite a lot of diseases. In the «black list»:

- All Cold infection - ARI AIR, sore throat. Because these infections hiding in the nose, the result of contamination attained.

- Influenza viruses and herpes.

- Inflammatory diseases of the mouth - stomatitis.

- Helikobakter pilori microbe that causes stomach ulcer.

- The disease of dirty hands - dysentery.

- Hepatitis A (also known as a Botkin's disease, jaundice), acute hepatitis B.

- Open a form of tuberculosis.

Do not discount the likelihood of infection by viral infection transmitted through blood (hepatitis C, HIV). Indeed, in the mouth, too, are sometimes damaged mucous membrane.

- Infectious mononucleosis - viral infection of blood. His well known as «kissed disease». Striking blood system (spleen, lymph nodes).

- Syphilis can earn well, especially if the partner chancre is on oral mucosa.

And this happens ...

Not everyone knows, but there is light at these lovers, who in the kiss suddenly start to sneeze, blush, cry or even out of breath. This is, alas, not of the abundance of feelings. Allergy-active agent or a beloved favorite saliva prevents them to appear. Will any part or drink Antihistamines drugs. Life?

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