Apr 14, 2009


Cold winter evening so want to lie on the beach, «dip» in the warm sun rays. But even before the summer so far.
What to do? Fortunately, the availability of near beauty salon or a sports club solarium rectify the situation. But it is not safe artificial «sunbathing»? Consider all the «outside» and «against».
The benefits of visiting the solarium is not in comparison to anything! First, you buy the perfect color, that is important. Secondly, the correct sunlight, and it is this and is a solarium on the beach, here UVB and UVA rays are balanced so as not to cause harm to the skin and as a consequence, the whole body, you support your immune system and help your body cope with the number of diseases. And probably the most important «FOR» is getting pleasure from the process.
What is as dangerous a tan in the solarium?
Excessive enthusiasm like lead to a breach of the hair, breaking skin pigmentation, loss of elasticity of the skin and the growth of tumors. But again, such a reaction is possible only when the abuse solarium and a wrong approach to the procedure.
To avoid unwanted reactions and complications, the procedure is necessary to consult with cosmetologists, determine skin type, choose the right, just for you, kind of solarium, and decide in due course of procedure.
Main did not forget that all is well the best!

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