Jul 13, 2009

Home dust protects the child from allergies?

Endotoxin, is a substance that is included in the composition of the membrane gram-negative bacteria, reduces the incidence of allergic diseases in children under 3 years. Gram-negative bacteria often cause disease. Endotoxin is released when the bacterium is killed, it often occurs within the normal house dust.

According to a new study, the less endotoxin in the home or apartment where the child lives, the more likely it is that he is sick with asthma or atopic dermatitis for 3 years. The more endotoxin in the home, the less chance of allergic diseases of 3 years.
«We are trying to understand why the endotoxin reduces the incidence in young children», - said the author of the study Melisa Celaya (Arizona Center for respiratory diseases, United States).

The study found that higher concentrations of endotoxin in homes built more than 30 years ago, in homes that do not meet the standard requirements in the premises, carpets with the smell of mold, traces of leaks on the walls.

In 484 children under 5 years old were taken blood samples. «We want to find a relationship between the concentration of endotoxin in the home and the level of cytokines in the blood. This will help to understand why children are less affected by endotoxin, increasingly sick with allergies », - said Melisa Celaya. Scientists also plan to investigate the genetic predisposition to a response to factors of external environment.

By "American Thoracic Society 2007 International Conference".

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