Aug 17, 2011

Inhalation and dust mites

Do not act on any advice you have read, either in this article or anywhere else, without the full approval of your doctor. This article is only for advice, and should not be used as a substitute for the medical guidance of your doctor, or other medically qualified practitioner. Some preparations are obtainable over the counter, but it is always wise to seek advice from your doctor, what is recommeded for your own allergy. An allergy happens, when a person is sensitized to a particular substance, that starts an allergic reaction. When immunotherapy is considered an appropriate treatment, it could either reduce the intensity of an allergy or cure it completely. Various drugs are available to counter the symptoms of allergy which include, antihistamines, cortisone, hydrocortisone, theophlene, epinephrine, and dexamethosone. The antibodies bind with the allergens, and as they circulate throughout the body, they interact with other cells. Absorption – through the skin, as with some plants or chemicals.

There are naturally occurring allergens, like pollens, environmental substances, like chemicals, and the foods that we eat, mostly proteins, and numerous others. They include fast acting epinephrine tablets, low allergy foods, and advances in dealing with wasp stings. Add the development of the emerging nations, and you have a recipe for industrial soup. It seems that the time could soon arrive, when the good citizens of China will have their own, home grown sort of hay fever! In the United States at leastnine years is needed to qualify as an allergist immunologist. The author does not accept any liability whatsoever, for any consequences arising from or thought to be arising from using this article. You should know that what suits one allergy sufferer might be inappropriate for another.

More recently, there has been a lot of publicity about industrial pollution in Beijing, and other cities. As an example, offices have become airtight, with windows that opened giving way to air conditioning. There have been good results in dealing with hay fever and asthma. Physicians, who are specialists in dealing with allergic disorders, undertake intensive training. It is not known exactly why some people suffer from allergies, when others do not. It does seem clear that the incidence of allergies is growing, and that it may have something to do with contemporary living. Then substances, including histamine, create inflammation, that is a common allergy symptom. Injection – some people are allergic to drugs, such as penicillin. On a global basis, rain forests are being cut down, whilst pollution emitting vehicles are everywhere. Could the new found success be accompanied by allergic respiratory disorders – if it does, it must prove something! Studies suggest that there is a hereditary reason for some allergies.

Allergies vary in different people, and the symptoms range from something as mild as a runny nose, to anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. Eating – as with certain foods. However, the quality of the outside air, particularly in urban conurbations, is questionable. When it is appropriate, skin testing is preferable to blood testing, as it is more specific, easier to do, and more economic. When an allergic individual experiences an allergen, for the first time, the allergic reactions do not occur, but the defense mechanism is sensitized.

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