Sep 30, 2008

Allergies to animals

This type of allergy distributed very widely and it can significantly degrade over its other manifestations. Pets are one of the strongest sources of allergens. Unlike what is commonly spoken, let us say that animals do not produce allergens - just wool is their excellent container.

Examples of animal allergens:

* Saliva (dogs, cats, horses, etc.)
* Urine (cats, dogs, small laboratory animals)
* Serum (of blood)
* Horny flakes (desquamated skin)
* Epithelium (desquamated skin)
* Excrement (parrots, pigeons and others)

The impact on the patient's allergy occurs when inhaled dust. Most frequent allergic to cats, but the most severe forms marked with allergies to horses and small rodents.

Everyone knows that cats are spending too much time on workaround. In doing so, they leave a large number of allergic saliva in your hair, saliva and then spread everywhere. Furthermore, when workaround cats scatters in the ambient air entire cloud of tiny drops saliva - they are literally "dispensers allergies!

In patients with allergic to dogs, she noted on any of their breed. Short-haired dogs with the same allergens as long-haired. Allergy birds are often indirect nature: develop sensitization not to peryam, and by parasitic mites in their mass.


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