Sep 23, 2008

Food Allergies

Food allergies - allergic reaction to the effect of food allergens can occur when you use whole milk, egg white, fish (pike, cod, etc.), crayfish, crabs, grains, beans, strawberries, nuts, citrus, chocolate and other products.
Allergic reaction (food allergy) appears each time after taking food allergy, and expressivity reaction depends on the concentration of antibodies in human blood.

When food allergy there are signs of defeat gastrointestinal (violations of the motor and secretory function).
As a result of food allergies may be a common reaction (high fever, drop in blood pressure, changes of the blood). Isolated acts of food allergy - hives, angioneurotic [circumscribed, periodic, wandering, Milton's, Quincke's] edema, bronchitis, skin itching, eczema, etc.

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