Sep 23, 2008


Increased sensitivity to the effects of some body of environmental factors, known as allergens (chemicals, microbes and the products of their livelihood, food, pollen of some species of plants, etc.). Manifestations of Allergy purely individually.
By allergic diseases were: bronchial asthma, urticaria, allergic runny nose, dermatitis, drug and food allergies, allergic arthritis.
Factors predisposing to the development of allergies are
-the disruption of nervous and endocrine systems,
-brain trauma,
-negative emotions,
-lower adrenal function.
To prevent allergic diseases need to identify the allergen and delete contacts with him, systematically practice orgasm, making it resistant to external shocks.
Hold purgation, a simple and stripping urine
Make a clean liver.
Adjust food. When unhealthy diet are filled thickened bile duct and gall of gallstones, which contributes to the development of allergies.
Include in the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals, breads from germinating seed, nuts, dried apricots.
Urine therapy practice.
Remember to carry out cleansing the body.
Before bedtime lubricate the affected area of skin «dead» (2-week excerpts) urine. Do not wash, perhaps a strong tingle - try support. Typically, recovery occurs after 5-7 days.
Daily drink urine at 4 o'clock in the morning - to 150 g.
Within 3 months rub fresh urine and then for 1.5 months - diuretic (using 50 g).
Making pledget at the head of fresh urine (a day).
Shower with boiled urine at the feet (10 procedures).
1 teaspoon dry herb wormwood weld 1 / 4 liters. boiled water, insist 10 minutes, filter. Pit 3 times a day for one cup. This will help get rid of the worms and elementary micro-organisms, also cause allergies.
Every day, take 5 am 1 / 4 spoon mustard powder hellebore, wash down with glass of water. The course of treatment - from 1 to 6 or more weeks. As well hellebore cleans the liver, for better removal of the body's bile slag recommended morning and evening to drink hot boiled water. For one it will be glass, and for another - 0.5 liters (dose pack individually).

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