Sep 23, 2008

Reasons Allergies

You can identify the following major risk factors and causes of allergies:
Genetic predisposition. If allergy suffers one of the parents, the likelihood of development of allergic reactions among children is estimated to researchers, about 30%. If you have allergies from both parents the risk is doubled (60%).
Professional and household allergens. Provoke allergies can a variety of substances and compounds. The most active salt platinum, chromium, nickel, pigments, pesticides, formaldehyde, epoxy resins and other phenolphthalein organic compounds, which include chlorine, fluorine and phosphorous ... Recent special celebrations: these substances are members of the various elements of the computer (plastic housing, printed circuit boards ...) and capable, albeit in small quantities available in the air when heated.
Dust, which is usually lacking, and home and office - the most common source of allergies and one of the most dangerous. We can say that any dust contains a comprehensive set of allergens. This dust mites and disputes Plesneva mushrooms, horns and scales epithelium, pollen potted plants, excrement of domestic animals and household insects ...
Smoking. Tobacco smoke has a very adverse impact on people predisposed to allergic diseases. It suffers not so much a smoker himself, but rather around: smokers inhaled only 15% of tobacco smoke, the rest falls into the surrounding air. Inhale tobacco smoke, are non-smokers and passive smokers suffer even more than the poisoner, the risk of falling ill, including gain worsening allergic reactions.
Infections of the upper respiratory tract. Cold diseases, infections of the respiratory tract, especially the virus, often provoke escalation of allergies. The reason is that viruses damage mucous membrane of respiratory tract and facilitate the penetration of allergens. In addition, diseases increase the sensitivity to different irritating substances, sharp odor. That is why, after the cold carry the disease often develops worsening manifestations of allergy in the form of allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, paroxysmal cough, or even start choking.

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