Sep 19, 2008

How to avoid allergy

To combat allergies need a set. There is only medicine, or just a diet. A need a program that begins with the most basic - to cleanse patient's body. That nose. And when we wash the nose, we completely remove allergens.

And no need to wait for allergens fill the nose and cause allergic fire. To avoid this, you wash the nose always as clean teeth.

If you use nose drops, they will be in better times, if you clear, mucous membrane of nose, rinse your nose in plenty of water.

In addition to the treatment of allergies, washing the nose is and prevention of various diseases. Diseases, where a lot of harmful substances in the air. Prevention of ARI among people with weakened health. This is a good protection in children.

At the expense of people who are washing the nose is contraindicated. This is a very limited group of people whose total nasal obstruction. For example, polyps, which must operate. Contraindicated washing the nose with a tumor, and if frequent nasal bleeding.
And if there is an inflammation of the ear, it is necessary to treat otitis (otitus), then seized nose.

1 remedy, from Anne
I once to find recipes and systematically work towards them. In this regard, I stick-Complex, began to wash the nose. About It has a lot of talking, and it already knows many.
This Dolphin (Dolphin),
which is sold in pharmacies.
It is mineral composition consisting of an ancient ocean minerals and herbs Altai. This composition mineralized water and wash your nose.

2 allergy remedies
, by Dmitri Breathing Exercises

- I'm allergic to cats since childhood. And through Breathing Exercises and proper breathing, I recovered from the disease.

And to 9 years, I was not I go to dad to work. Allergy manifested primarily squeezing breathing and feeling mote in the eye. Treated in different ways, to the extent that I have grated garlic with cold water several times a day. This was my favorite dish, after which it became a little easier.
Pope sought treatment methods, ranging from charges of herbs to breathing exercises, which helped the most.

This method of strong-willed breathing. You must make yourself breathe a special way. Basically, people breathe smoothly and without stopping. But you need to breathe so that no one noticed. It's like breathing cat hunting. She freezes. And her breathing becomes shallow. Here is a breath - this is the method. This accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body.
2 sec. - Breath, 3 seconds. - Respiration, 2 seconds. - Pause. Slowly and superficial.

To be honest, for me this breath very hard yield. Because I am a man not very strong-willed and even my dad forced into. One thing that we are here talking, but another thing you need to get down and breathe. This should be a force of at least two hours a day. I worked during the day periods for 15-20 minutes.

Somewhere on the fifth day of breathing exercises I felt that I can enter a dad to work. True, one and a half hours, I departed from the bullet there, because once again it all began. Because I went to have forgotten how to do I need to breathe. And I knew that when I breath correctly, it can go to the animals. And now I have 15 years of speaking to animals.

I will say frankly that there is no complete cure. I think that this is due to the fact that I was not very hard-working people in this regard. Here's attack fit - I sat do some work. It is, again, I work, forget to breathe. Breathing it requires strong-willed spirit.

3 allergy remedies

The easiest and most effective remedy of skin allergies, ascariasis, candidiasis, etc. This recipies can be used by kids, the flavor reminds kissel.

Two food spoons of flax seed steam one of steep boiled water. And two hours to withstand water bath.

You can drink it before eating and while eating (during a meal), until all the symptoms pass.

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