Sep 19, 2008

Safe for Life viruses can cause cancer

Photo: Herpes B virus

Attacking the body, the virus mutated cells selects and promotes their further growth. Normal cells, in contrast, are destroyed. As the authors of the new hypothesis, it appears focused on preparing «springboard» for cancer. It is believed that cancer comes in the body or because the activities of viruses, either through genetic or hormonal changes.

Since hormone-dependent cancer today have learned to cope. Genetic predict and difficult to cure. But the elimination of virus-dependent cancer is within reach.

Surprising that conditionally safe for life viruses, for example, papilloma virus, or herpes virus can cause cancer.

Papilloma virus «responsible» for benign tumors of skin and mucous membrane. Abroad, suggest that up to 60 per cent of the world's population - media HPV infection, and it would be wise to check for viruses each and every one.

Scientists have developed a new hypothesis to explain the nature of virus-dependent cancer. The virus can be a factor in natural selection, destroying normal cells, where it multiplies, and not trogaya cells, which he gave a genetic defect. If the process repeated several times, the risk that the cancer cell will increase, said Preeti Chauthari, professor of medical school at the University of Pittsburgh.

«There is a mechanism that turns on when you attack the virus in the body - a virus chooses a mutated clones of cells present in the body and stimulates their continued growth and reproduction, resulting in a fully malignant cells», - said Chauthari.

However, not much swearing viruses. Two years ago, American scientists found a virus harmless to humans, which destroys cancer cells. This discovery could be useful for developing new techniques to combat this dangerous disease. The virus, called AAV-2 is about 80% of the people and not cause any unpleasant consequences. According to the studies, women who are carriers of AAV-2, cervical cancer is much less developed than those made by the beautiful floor, which was not in the body of the virus.

Viruses bridges the way cancer.

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