Sep 19, 2008


(from the Greek. ichthýs - fish), fish scales, xeroderma, skin disease, characterized by sharp and slow-growing hornlike exclusion horns.

In half the cases Ichthyosis is a family and 25% of cases - inherited diseases.

Found in early childhood (usually about 3 years old), growing at the age of puberty and there is life.

Ichtyosis - expressed dry skin and accumulation on the surface of horns masses in the form of flakes or in the form of massive horns plates resembling fishing scales (hence the name).

Separation of fat and sweat reduced.

The defeat of the entire skin, with the exception of articular folds, axillary cavities, inguinal folds.

On the face and head I. Hair Loss in the form branny desquamation.

In the summer time as a result of increase fat and sweat secretion, skin became better.

Treatment: hot baths with soda or cooking salt(sodium chloride) and subsequent lubrication mitigating skin creams.

Inside - fish oil, vitamins (especially vitamin A).

In the summer time - a long stay in the south (sea bathing).

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