Oct 6, 2008

Methods of Hardening

All forms of training the body built on the "golden rule" - a gradual and systematic. With the gradual increase in strength and timing impact on the feet and body separate its functions are becoming more sophisticated and more resistant to environmental influences. If violated in the training course, it can damage health. When hardening can cause cold, but with hard use strong tactile stimulus - a violation of neural processes
Sometimes you can hear from a person who fails to comply with gradualism hardening when he went cold floor barefoot and ill.
There are many options for training: if a person easily catches cold, you should first walk in socks, and then barefoot.
Initially, walk barefoot on the room the morning and evening for 10-15 min, elongated daily walking for 10 minutes, and bring it up to an hour a day. After a month, go to the ground in the yard, gardening, outdoors, on grass, and with the onset of frost and snow days off the hoar frost and snow. Well make healthier walking barefoot on hard ground, on small gravel. Coarse skin on the feet diminishes pain and cold sensations.
After walking barefoot massage them with soles of the feet. Massage gastrocnemius muscle. If the process hardening succeeds, people can freely walk barefoot on ice and snow.
Along with walking barefoot well chill wash his feet and pouring water. When foot immersed in a wash basin with water at room temperature for a moment, then knead until fluffy towel feeling the heat. Duration foot baths a day increase for a moment and brings up to 10 minutes, reducing every 3 days the temperature of water by 1 ° C. After 2 months, the water temperature should be no higher than 5-7 ° C.
Pouring legs make way contrast hardening. Prepare two jar. In one pour hot water (about 40 ° C) and the other - cold (10-15 ° C). First purring hot water to the foot 1-2 min, followed by one minute - a cold. Finish shower procedure should be half a minute feet with hot water. Dry off and then carefully massage foot.
The temperature of cold water is gradually brought to 3-5 ° C. Elderly hardening need to start rubdown with a towel legs soaked with water at room temperature, lowering its temperature every day at the G S, and a week to go to shower or wash the feet. After this training you can walk barefoot, in keeping with a gradual and systematic.
S. Kneyp recommended handing walking bare feet on cold, wet rock, on the dewy grass, on snow, especially fresh, soft. Walking on the dew, useful and old and young, especially people from out of the nervous system (neurasthenia, neurosis, poor sleep, etc.). Walking should last from 10 to 30 minutes, after which you want to put on dry shoes and walk 15 - 20 minutes, according to Kneyp.
Walking through the fresh snow can last 3-4 minutes. Kneyp system is widely used in home and sanatorium conditions in many countries.

Children Hardening.

For the recovery of children of all ages are very helpful in all respects, walking barefoot, if only because it is preventing flat-footedness and foot deformities (curvature of the large toes, with subsequent negative manifestations of this pathology).
To achieve a good overall physical development of children and resistance to disease, researchers recommend that teach children to a systematic walk barefoot (home, yard, testimony and even in parks, gardens, on the street).
Start need in the summer, and then cool in time to continue a healthy exercise.
Young children tend to natural tendency to walk barefoot if they do not prevent parents, particularly on puddle after rain. Many people teach a child to walk barefoot, keep the habit for life and have no problems with flat-footedness, deformed feet, etc. In addition, they are less likely to get sick Cold deasese treatment.
It has been said that in all cases need to adhere to "golden rules" hardening - gradual and systematic. Children need to teach walking barefoot on the carpet first, but in the warm summer days - on the grass or hot sand.
Children 1 year and older who pass this course hardening, you can allow run barefoot on the painted wooden or parquet floor, and in summer, the grass or on the sand no more than 30 minutes a day and then gradually increase the time. Tempered in a way a child of preschool age can benefit from health year-round homes and into a warm time in the yard and walk without shoes. Useful after walking barefoot foot baths, with a gradual lowering of water temperature.
Since the foot reflex associated with upper respiratory track, children, like adults, it can be useful in conjunction with walking barefoot gargle and nose with water, gradually reducing water temperatures of 20 to 8 ° C.

For school-age children, are valid the same recommendation.

Senior seasoned students can also recommend a daily exercises in the air and daily hygiene scamper barefoot on the grass, snow, the ground, asphalt, etc., then useful to massage and exercises to warm the feet until redness and mild burning sensations.
During the period of acute illness all hardening contraindicated. It is important to learn to monitor their health - during hardening and take pressure pulse, respiration control.
Gradual rare pulse at rest spoke about the benefits of training and vice versa. We urge all care about their health and regularly use the walking barefoot - the oldest tool hardening and healing the body.

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