Nov 13, 2008

Some Allergy Questions

Q: I'm allergic to household dust, animal, tree pollen. Now the cat took a special breed, I'm allergic to this cat breed less, but still there. It does not want to give the animal and did not react to it all organisms. Apropos, but why, all the other allergy doctors refuse to utter a word about other method? For all treated only with medicines. How to treat allergies?

Answer: The symptoms begin literally removed at the first session (mortgaged nose, sneezing, etc.). The frequency of your employment depends on the dynamics of recovery and is determined by your doctor. With regard to your illness, it is necessary to limit contact with allergen (cat, in the first period of treatment). You'll see the interesting part - on the termination of allergic reactions to cat, you stop an allergic reaction to other irritants, allergens. Strengths home remedies method - fast performance, non drugs treatment, lack of side effects. Where are easier to send the patient to allergy tests, and then continually write a lot of drugs, only take off symptoms.

To date, cause of allergies so far scientists are not installed. Allergy is count as incurable disease. All treatment is aimed only at eliminating symptoms. The risk of any allergies is the possibility of moving the disease in bronchial asthma.

Q: From the sun on my body appears allergy as a red spot, then white and it’s itch?

Answer: One of the manifestations of allergy to the sun is – photo sensibility, which can occur in the skin reddening, rash, mini radiation burn, immediately giving a reaction to ultraviolet. The body suffers from the sun and immediately responds skin problems. Allergies - it «wrong» immune response to any stimulus from the external environment, and this state - always the result of metabolic diseases.

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