Oct 2, 2008

Recipe for people who are allergic to animal protein(milk, and others)

- My son adopt from mothers allergic to animal protein. The doctors prescribed a strict diet. Say it is not cured.
God forbid one grandmother health. She said about a son: «So it is man - you throw him this cold water! I'd iced water in the basin - ice to much »
Son was then 9 months, I put him on the bars in the bathroom, the woman fled into a far room, and that it poured cold water.
Reaction to the surprise of the son was normal. A week so we poured. And the son was able to drink milk, which he used to be allergic.

- Of course, I can not recommend that all such treatment.
The mechanism here - a challenge thermal stress that generates a huge amount of adrenal cortex hormones. And some children adrenal failure, and such cases are when children die.
And this is just a happy coincidence of circumstances.
Therefore, I strongly recommend to use it. Here, as they say - lucky, no luck.

And be warned, especially men from prolonged exposure to cold.
I have been cases of people after bathing in extreme conditions, a long exposure to cold treat inflammation testicle. This vulnerability to the impact of the strong cooling the body.

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