Nov 24, 2008

Six typical winter problems

Winter, as always, comes suddenly and creates a lot of problems, not only utilities but also to us.

What kind of gifts for family on Christmas?

Where to go in Egypt, or in Thailand?

Who found Valentine's Day?

Do you think this is the most important issues approach winter?

It would not be so! Mortgage, there are things more important. No, nothing special ... Just winter weather can surprise a couple-three weeks to turn any woman in a guy that will no longer very clear to those who mother-in-law ...

How to avoid problems with winter beauty? Regardless of age and marital status is simple - they must be identified and resolved.

Problem 1: Dry skin (cold)

Physiology of the problem is simple: cold blood vessels narrowing, blood flow is worse, nutrients and oxygen skin receive a lower metabolism slows, and sebum virtually stops worked out. Result - dimness, dryness, skin roughness.

Solution: caring and protecting (clearance, easy peeling, cream)

- Contrary to popular belief, nothing dangerous in peeling and purification during the winter there. Specificity is in the way. In winter, mild peeling a non-aggressive acid composition (at home or in the cabin) is preferable to scrub with the abrasive particles and purify the skin better than soap and water and milk (dry and sensitive) or no alcohol tonic (fat and mixed).

- With food, too, everything is simple - cream caused at least 30 minutes before entering the street. This rule applies to any cream, which might say advertising «leading Visages» from the TV screen.

- Moisturizing cream in winter suitable only for an evening departure. However, if you do not want to go out during the day, apply it at any time. Above all, remember: when cold below-4C º use cream containing water, very bad. Winter time is better suited nourishing cream.

- Those that prefer to protect surely and make-up feels redundant, can store special creams for skiers - they are sold in many pharmacies and designed specifically for winter protection, including protection from UV radiation.

In recent years, appeared slightly Preparations (jelly, balms), leaving no oily film on the skin, but also provide a secure protective barrier against changes in temperature and cold wind. Besides their excellent make-up, is a lie? The composition of such funds, typically include vitamins B5 and E, retinol, aromatic oils and herbal extracts.

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