Dec 9, 2008

Six typical winter problems, part II

2 Winter problem: Dry skin from the heat

Central heating and heating are very dried air indoors. In such circumstances, the skin loses moisture instantly sub tending, furrow and peel off.

Solving the problem: air humidifier and thermal water

Humidification air is now sold in all stores household appliances. The principle of operation: cold water evaporation, evaporation of hot steam, ultrasonic spraying water. Humidification air makes sense to establish not only at work but also at home. If finances are not allowed to purchase the desired machine, create a humidifier themselves - wet towel on the radiator or basin with water on the windowsill quite successfully cope with rooms wetting.

At work is recommended to use thermal water spray. Thermal water will not spoil make-up not, but will refresh your skin. Just remember that the last "zilch" needs to be done no later than one hour before entering the street.

3 Winter problem .Outdoor hands

Tender women's fingers to the cold instantly freeze, red skin, covered with cracks, peel off, broken nails. What is not surprising: the skin of the hand skin differs slightly - it also wants to nutrition and moisturizing, and nails his call.

Solving the problem: gloves, cream, extra care

The right to choose gloves - in size, seasonal, natural (leather on fur or wool), and preferably mittens (hand-in mittens feel freer).

Do not forget to cause the cream after every hand-washing. On the night of blurry fat cream hands are encouraged to wear cotton fabric gloves: they help the skin retain moisture longer hand.
Remember to make masks and baths for hands.

4. Winter problem.Weakened hair

A hair in the winter had two problems - a hat, and her absence. Under a cap, hair get rumpled, accumulate static electricity, head sweat, the roots of salt. As a result of hair - worse than no hat and just want to miscarry. Without a head hair goes to the same set, and that skin - changes in temperature, wind, precipitation. In this case, from laying too little remains, in addition hair get cold, get dry, dead color and lose its lustre, but also increases the chances to earn cold.

Solution: hood, the right hair care

First, the hood. Beautiful, comfortable, warm removed, put on the street, hairstyle is not changing, head is not feel cold. The only drawback: the strong wind cowl have to hold hands.

Secondly, care. Nutritious masks on weekends, each time after washing hair - balsam-conditioner (light), in the office - moisturizing hair spray.

In the third, racking. Winter cold - this is just a case of mousses, gels and other tools for laying not harmful, but rather useful. They create a protective film that protects the hair from of freezing and dehydration. But such protection have to scour every day.

By the way, winter hair is recommended not to wash morning and evening that they had properly dry. But about a hair drier in winter is better forgotten.

5. Winter problem.The overall decline tone

Lethargy, apathy, the mood at zero. Prior to beriberi is far, but we have almost anabiosis really hooked. In winter the body more than ever need the energy, so much goes on maintaining the normal heat transfer, and nutrients to protect against the cold. Well, that beauty is not an eclipse ...

Solution: take vitamins

What - choose themselves. It can be special, hair, skin and nails. It is possible for immunity. You can Multivitamin complexes. The only thing unanimously insist the doctors, and cosmetology, they must be fish oil.
This ideal source of polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega-3 (an essential tool to maintain the beauty and youthful body) is now available in capsules, which are not contrary to swallow than any other vitamins.
In an extreme case, the diet must be fatty fish and linseed oil.

6. Winter problem. Allergy cold

It would seem that for stupidity - allergic to cold? But all is not so simple. The issue of allergy to cold have not been sufficiently studied in detail, but some results are already there.

The mere coldness, of course, it's no allergen. However, according to recent studies, lower body temperature for some people provokes a connection to certain groups of proteins that cause the immune system response, very similar to an allergic.

Solution: go to the doctor, pick the cream, warm

Self-medication in this aspect is no safer than any other. The doctor will conduct tests appoint Antihistamines drugs, will prescribe some diets and external funds, soothes irritated skin. Keep in mind that the antihistamine does not always help, although the swelling and itching, unlike the headache and problems with pressure, they certainly withdraw.

When you allergic to the cold is very important to carefully select cosmetics as possible to abandon decorative. Painful skin irritation takes dyes, preservatives and aromatizer, without which there is no decorative cosmetics.

The basic everyday tasks such allergies - not to allow themselves get cold. Do not stand still awaiting transport, not to neglect hat and woolen socks, etc. You can bask in warm (not hot) bath, you can run for the bus, you can master the technique of relaxation at the cold (keep in mind flask with cognac - it is not machines, and if allergic to cold, alcohol is contraindicated).

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