Dec 10, 2008

Alergy. Pollinoz

Pollinoz is seasonal allergic to flowering plants, the pollen of these plants. The fact is that mucous membrane of nose, is a very sensitive tissue, and it is very sensitive to these allergens. Once they settle on the nasal mucosa, especially the suffering nose, occurs and cough and bronchial spasm, obstruction discharge sputum, a cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma. That mortgaged the nose, and is slime.

Pollinoz remedies:
First I can recommend to all people with any allergic reaction to clean their body, especial liver. they are a lot of drugs for clean liver, or some remedies for clean liver. For what you have to do that, because our liver collect all detrimental substances, and move it in our blood.

In this case you can use medicinal bitumen, it can be drink each day, 3 times in day, 30 minutes up to meal

If you can't find medicinal bitumen, you can use recovered carbon. It can be use in the same way like medicinal bitumen

2.Herbal remedies against Allergy

You take 1 pot of liquorice root, 1 pot of turns (it just clears blood), 1 pot of elder black and 1 pot of meadowsweet. And all this herbs and flood it with one liter of boiled water. During the hour insists. And then take on the 1 / 4 cup after meals every day.

3. Use
recovered carbon in allergy treatment

«Absolutely does not matter what a person has allergies, do not even need to find out. There is a way to cure almost any allergy ». And he is taken from Russian folk medicine. This is just total recovered carbon, which must be taken twice a day, an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed two hours after eating, that too was on an empty stomach.

The calculation is this: a 10 kg person 1 tablet of
recovered carbon.
We must not simply swallow and drink water from the need to make food. Should coal crack mouth to mouth all processed. Just take water, that he went inside.

What makes
recovered carbon?
He absorb all dirt, slime, scum, he hated all bacteria, parasites.

This is a long treatment, it can take almost one year. but in some case one month is enough.

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