Dec 10, 2008

Dry skin on hands

There is one big problem in winter and it's name dry skin on your hands.

For skin, I would recommend regularly eat 50 g of cod. It contains vitamin A, which helps our skin to be elastic, defends it.

In addition, you can make a salad.

Grate carrot. Add 20 g cream. Cream should be 20 % it's used for better absorbed vitamin A. To this was still tasty, add 1 pot of honey. All this is thoroughly mixed.
This salad regularly eat.

And I would still recommend you do such procedures, which would have entertained the skin from the outside.

To do this, we take 100 grams of marine cabbage and 100 g of carrots. Grind them. Add another 100 g of cream, 20 %. Mix (better in the blender). So the mask. What is it good? It is good that in carrots contain vitamin A, which is needed for the skin. In the marine cabbage contains minerals, which are also needed to ensure that our skin was healthy. And 20% cream are needed to connect all of this, the fat softens our skin.

And this mask we apply to the skin before bedtime. Top dress gloves, and so spend the night. After that we wash it, and the skin of our hands will never crack, it will be flexible, beautiful and always will please you.

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