Dec 15, 2008

How to deal with allergy symptom in the winter?

The most dramatic allergy manifests itself in spring, when trees begin to bloom, providing a lot of pollen in the air. This is all know and are accustomed to, beware of it is spring, not noticing manifestations of allergies in the winter, copy even clear its symptoms to other causes, such as the cold.
Meanwhile, in the winter we live in an extremely uncomfortable environment. All doors and windows tightly closed, the premises of accumulated mass of dust and dust it home - it's just a repository of allergens.

Exhibiting allergy properties of the dust observed even in the 17st century. She is constantly hanging in the air, as if it is, it may flap up at the slightest whiff or drafty. What is just is not there! Paper and textile portage, wool and animal hair people, flakes of insects, there is no cockroaches, but the worst that it is the habitat of microscopic mites. They are invisible eye, and a Program of dust can be up to several thousands of mites. Small fragments of dead mites, and especially their faces, is a powerful allergen. The place of the highest concentrations of ticks are our bed - a place where we are having a dream-third of our lives, most closely communicating with these nice things.

But not only mites cause allergic reactions. Dust to blame itself. Particularly, it is dangerous if the house has pets: cats, dogs, hamster, parrot. Frankly, in the house even dangerous to keep the aquarium, a dry feed for fish - a very strong allergen. I am certainly not talking about the cockroaches - dry flakes of chitinous body are even more dangerous.

So Fight with them! Often the source of pollen and mold are home flowers. So they not only benefit. The most dangerous allergen is tobacco smoke. While you are reading this sentence, in the world died from tobacco smoke at least five people. Health alert will not be in vain. Particularly sensitive to tobacco smoke children. Up to 30% of allergy triggered by passive smoking.

The development of the disease contributed to unsustainable food, sedentary lifestyle, misuse of drugs. Because of all these people is beginning to respond even to those allergens, which have always existed, but did not have earlier this disappointing impact.

How can I deal with them? Remove from the floor and wall carpets - this is real batteries dust. More frequent wet cleaning. Wash clothes at a temperature of 60-70 degrees, do not listen to uncle to the new «Taydom», it does not save you from ticks. Pliers not withstand not only high but also low temperature - 10 degrees when they die. Preferably, the humidity in the room and was not above 50%. Very good help in the fight against mites vacuum cleaners with special filters (such as filters, HEPA), detergents and steam vacuum cleaners. Conventional vacuum cleaners ineffective.

What is proposed for medical treatment, or even the withdrawal symptoms of allergies?

It has long been known drugs such as suprastin, periactin, tavegil, dimedrol, diazolin. Personally, I receive from these drugs uncontrollably drawn sleep. There are newer: claritin, zyrtec. These differ from the first large long-acting and lack of sleeping-pills and other side effects. For the same treatment of serious and protracted manifestations of allergies, please be sure to see a doctor.

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