Dec 16, 2008

How to avoid allergic reactions to cosmetics

There is a significant increase in occurrence of unwanted reactions to food, household chemistry, medicine and cosmetics.

The composition of modern cosmetics in addition to natural ingredients include a large number of synthetic components.

They both can trigger the development of allergic reactions. In fact, they may arise from those who had never faced such a problem, although, of course, the likelihood of higher among people with a predisposition to allergies.

Specialists have developed a number of recommendations, compliance with which will help customers avoid unwanted side effects when using cosmetics.

Avoid frequent change of cosmetics, and use proven products, preferring the long and well-known brands that have proved successful in the market.

To undesirable results could lead simultaneous use of several different companies and the series, because their interaction is often unpredictable results.

The risk of developing allergies is increasing in the long-term storage of cosmetics, because some components can decompose, which can lead to unwanted reactions. With this in mind, not keep a lot of cosmetics, but when buying is not to choose products with very long shelf life. In addition, most modern shops have the opportunity to use the tester, which allows time to determine individual sensitivity to the proposed product.

Most allergic reactions occur at aromatizing, more precisely, flavors, so should refrain from cosmetics with a sharp odor. You should not use the daily series of professional cosmetics, because they concentration of natural and synthetic active substances is much higher. Often allergy occurs on the main components of decorative cosmetics - dyes.

We recommend that you limit the use of cosmetics during the infectious diseases in developing allergies to other substances (food, household chemistry, natural allergens), because in those periods immune system is sensitive to all substances that can cause allergic reactions.

Also, limit the use of cosmetics should be in treatment potent drugs such as hormones, antibiotics. In any case, the development of any form of allergy to prevent possible serious consequences of better consult a doctor.

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