Dec 15, 2008

Winter look of Allergy symptoms

Allergies - one of the unfortunate categories of people. A very wide range of allergens so that only sometimes surprising to see a healthy and happy man, who is not policeman nor violent spring bloom, nor any special Delicacy, no contact with the beloved cat or dog. As is usually regarded as the most allergenic seasons spring, but for the whole army of people it is the first snow is a harbinger of a series of "winter" allergies.

Mexican and Russian sable jerboa

Coat long been recognized by doctors one of the most allergic types of clothing. And since the weather outside is a frequent cold, it is often people all winter walks and constantly blow, sneeze with tumid nose and red eyes, blame for it weather and a weak immunity, but in reality it is banal Allergy Symptoms

Only a small fraction of allergic manifestation of the beauty, dressed in sable, is in response to the body's chemical compounds, which processes the skin, although, of course, do not rule out that option. Studies have shown that allergy in this case can cause formaldehyde, which is still used in the domestic fur industry, or colors, if you're wearing stained coat.

The most common allergy fur coat caused quite common allergic to fur. So if you do not always keep pets at home because of the fact that they cause you allergies, you should not buy and coat to avoid all the unpleasant consequences. However, be aware that there are allergic to dandruff in the hair, but there are actually allergic to wool.
Coat, of course, dandruff is not suffering, so the most reliable method to understand what is causing your winter travails - trip to the allergist. The second option - like in any other clothing, and remove the coat away in a cupboard. If the symptoms pass, then you are, unfortunately, really allergic to Furs, but if not - look for other causes.

By the way, this can cause allergies and down-padded coat.

Frost - red nose

Frost, even small, can cause allergic skin reactions expressed. Most of them - cold urticaria. In this case, the skin "decorate" redness and blisters. These changes often occur not when people feel cold, and when he had warmer. Total 15-20 minutes stay in a warm room - and a rash. Do not confuse it with the usual reaction of normal skin at a sharp change of temperature. In healthy people the vessels of the skin compressed on a cold and extended warm, red skin and begins to itch. But these acts perfectly normal and physiologically to go through the same 20-30 minutes. A characteristic of allergic reactions are exactly edema, which are particularly evident around the eyes and around the lips.

In addition, the symptoms do not disappear as quickly as it would - in the skin, they can stand a few hours.

All these changes occur even with a slight decrease in temperature. And it could provoke not only frost, but bathing, washing dishes or cleaning potatoes in cold water. In this case, quite effective to go out reception some allergy drugs and avoiding hypothermia skin in domestic conditions.

Cold urticaria may also be present in the body of certain proteins that become active under the influence of cold, for example, cryoglobulin - is immune complexes with unusual physical properties. When the effects of cold starts their aggregation - adhesion, which suggested to researchers, leading to the release anaphylatoxic that cause tissue damage. In this case, requires serious treatment Immunology.

The diagnosis cold urticaria established after the cold test (Duncan-test) with ice cube.

Frost often is even cold and dermatitis. In doing so violated food open skin - on the face, ear sink, hands appear itchy exfoliation claret-red spots, skin becomes dry, is changing its image. Sometimes dermatitis affected areas particularly sensitive to cold - it is inside of the thighs and knees. This disease requires complex treatment. Usually are prescribed vitamins A, C, E, PP to improve the peripheral blood. In fact, to get rid of this scourge, leaving at least two weeks, and then only in the absence of hypothermia. If you'll freeze again and again, deadlines are increasing up to a month or even longer.

People suffering from cold dermatitis need to reach to the frost spread fat cream open areas of skin. Your doctor may recommend preventive reception antihistamines drugs. But if the skin is already visible manifestation of cold dermatitis, you should think about local therapy. This nonallergic ointments, means accelerating the healing of wounds, but in complex cases, preparations containing hormones.

And it may not allergy that does ...
Some people even without being exposed to an allergic reaction to the cold, still suffering with only one thought that must go into the street, even in small frost.

For example, there is the so-called cold disease, which is known as Syndrome Reynard. For those who suffer it, small vessels of the fingers are very sensitive to frost. This causes narrowing of capillaries, blood stops affluent to the finger, they are white and are beginning to ache. When the palms became warmer, they became red, but the pain did remain for some time. When the disease attach, allergic drugs are ineffective. You need to go to the rheumatologist, as well as evil can exist as itself, and be a consequence of other diseases.

In addition to all other troubles, cold may cause meteorological Hale. So called inflammation of the lips, which provoked by frost. Often it is allergic in nature, so in some cases helped Antihistamines.

However, the most reliable method - prevention. Before leaving on the street lips must be densely oil with lip care stick, or even better - to cause a special cream designed to adverse weather conditions. Where such measures do not help and Heilit did occur, the treatment depends on the form of the disease. For example, if you're concerned about redness, swelling of lips and painful wound, the appointed vitamins, "heal" drugs and even hormonal ointments. If Heilit dry, that is, lips exfoliant and crack, and in the corners of the mouth there are so-called "angular fissure" help vitamin solutions anti itch and antiallergic ointments

Cold often provokes tears, but it can not be attributed to allergic reactions. Just a sharp frost and wind are natural irritant, which causes narrowing of nasolacrimal canal. This has meant that formed the moisture is not a normal outflow, and instead of being released into the nose, rolled through the region a century.

Help in this situation can be eye drops, which have a calming effect, or present some medicinal herbs. For example, the caraway and cornflower good use for prevention. Strained liquid should be earth in the eyes 2-3 times a day, the better a few hours before entering the street.

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