Sep 22, 2008

And now on medicinal herbs

Today was a remedy dandelion root. This is fine, but the root of dandelion is mostly Laxative means by definition.

But there is a wonderful grass, which is called immortelle. It is in principle in all the languages of the world and is called - giving immortality. He is an excellent one vial Laxative, anti-spasm and withdraws. There certainly should consult a doctor, but first and contraindications are chololith Chronic lung disease.
And more importantly - immortelle helps restore the intestinal microflora. While intestinal microflora does not recover, as any improvements actually will not. During the psychological stress intestinal microflora dies.

And this second plant, which I would imagine it is violet. Preferably tricolor. It is an excellent tool antiallergic skin. Clears mucous Broncho-pulmonary system. Special attention to the viola is to smokers, and who has cats, dogs ... Violet very gently, without expectorant effect helps us to purify the lungs and mucous membrane.
Of course there are individual intolerance - should therefore be consulting a doctor. But I can say that ten thousand patients, I prescribe drink violets, an allergic reaction to it was two or three. But the two-three people have allergic reactions to everything.

Violet simply can even be used for the reception inside as tea.

Next grass - it is milfoil. Milfoil is the strongest antiallergenic. Perfect for both respiratory and skin allergy. Including a bitterness. And most importantly, it removes flatulence, or gas in the intestine. Reduced dysbacteriosis and digestible food is improving.
Milfoil - a great plant.

The next plant, it has been said - this sequence. The succession - the smallest molecule of herbs. Therefore, alternates with one hand is antiallergic skin effect on the other hand, it is well microcrack heals, and all that in the gut may be damaged.
And of course sequence applies to external influences.

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