Sep 22, 2008

The treatment of allergy by using grape vine

- Harley suffered from allergies have not yet found the answer to the question - «For me that such an attack?».
- At the moment I have no allergies. But earlier, another 22 years, I gulp it. What I asked the doctors, all I was told that this is motivated by the nervous, skin treated me ointment. But nothing helped. One of the first ways that helped me, it was a grape vine.
Here it was my strong allergy that one year I had to live in the Far East. And there I recommend a grandfather, and he was herbalist, to collect grape vine. Brew it in a large pot and bring to a boil. And this decoction has to drink throughout the day as much as can drink - the more the better. A morning and evening, a sluice they decoction.
This pot enough for me 2-3 days. There were two buckets of water - in this pot. At that time, I treated it on the advice of grandparents from allergies. And treat more than 3 months, when I come improvement.
And then, more than 2 years I did not have anything, everything was fine.
But then again, allergy announced. I fought a diary in order to determine what I have allergies.
For example, I recorded that I ate. In doing so, I determined that the food I have no allergies.
But often painfully reacted liver. So I decided to cleanse his body. Initially it was thick bowel cleansing enema. Then I started drinking the anti-parasitic herb. This was retribution oak, plum and tansy. Through coffee grinder allows grass, mixed in equal quantities. And then one article, spoon on the floor liter of boiled water. Now I have been following the fact that my intestines worked perfectly.
Here and food, and cleaning. When conducting seasonal cleaning in spring and autumn, I drink to prevent anti-parasitic herb. The course is produced forty days - drink morning and evening.

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