Sep 22, 2008

Other interesting Recipes for combat allergy

- My name is, Galina!
At a glass of warm water spoon honey, spoon apple vinegar. Stir and drink in the morning empty stomach. A day feel good. And through it do not suffer from allergies.
- If allergies are useful fruits of black currants - or dry or fresh. It is also very helpful and leaves of black currant. You take spoon leaf brew cool boiling water, insisting 20 minutes and drink as a tea throughout the day 2-3 times. It helps.
- My name is, Taisa!
Two spoon turns on the floor liter of boiled water, insist 20 minutes. It helped me this recipe from my allergies. Maybe even who will help.
Cold allergy. Activated carbon for combat any tip of allergy, fast and easy
- I, too, following a hate and hurt, but I overtook allergy. Cold allergy - this is a very unpleasant thing. By happy coincidence of circumstances I found article which described a method to help with any allergies. Offer him a doctor, and this was again clearance, but purification using activated carbon. Based on one tablet of activated charcoal to 10 kg of your weight. Drink it, is in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.
So I drank 6 tablets of activated carbon the morning, drink a glass of water, do not eat anything after that 2 hours. And for three and a half months, I forgot what cold allergy is. And she is treated very seriously.
Mummy in the fight against allergies
Took, one gram mummy. Well it soften in the mortar. Perfused then liters of water. And the composition, I drank 100 ml once before eating. And this course - 21 days. And then when necessary. And I got good results.
But when I clean the liver, the results were even better.
Very good help and starvation. At least 24 hours once a week. And immunity is increasing, and the body sends to fight the disease more forces.
As a result, off allergic reactions.

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