Sep 22, 2008

Skin allergies

Recipe by Lyudmila
- My granddaughter has suffered a terrible skin allergy. She comb hands to the blood. We do not know what to do with it. So we invited the neighbor recipe that uses all of her family.
You take aspen pegs and burn them. Ash collected in linen bag. Just ten art. spoons.
Now, these ashes in the bags need to boil thoroughly exactly twenty minutes.
Then boil the liquid in which the ash, resulting in a bath.
You do not imagine that the next day off itching, redness. And the whole year, we do not know what allergies.
Evgenia, allergist-immunologist
- We have demonstrated a way of preparing activated carbon.
To go substance this can be bought at the pharmacy. Activated carbon prepared from birch. Here we see the aspen. It is advisable to take a tree and make it complete combustion.
On average, bath (100-150 liters) should be somewhere 100-150 tablets of activated charcoal.
But this is not a cure. Treatment of allergies - is finding the root, which causes allergy. And treating them. And after 2-3 month treatment, most patients no longer need the drugs.

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