Sep 22, 2008

Skin allergy result from using comsetics

In all these cases, you can remember the old saying - «the person - is a mirror of the stomach».
What do parasites that fall into our body? They damage the gastrointestinal tract, including the mucous membrane of the bowel. Damaging this environment, they are in violation of its ability to remove harmful substances.
The most important thing is that the toxins that produce parasites absorbed into the blood disrupt the circulatory system. And on vessels entering our skin, it causes an allergic reaction.
By themselves, an herb, using our heroine is not antivermicular or vermifuge. But these herbs have the potential to enhance the work of digestive glands, increase the motor intestine. In so doing, make a mechanical release from the parasites. And to strengthen the immunity in dealing with parasites.
But why has helped the vine, which our heroine and used the inside and exterior? First, it is a good tonic. A strengthening of blood flow, improve skin tone allowed ulcerous wound, sure, faster heal. Secondly, the vine contains a tanning substances. And because we know that eczema, it is the Market, which get wet. A tanning substances, first helping to stop this wound get wet, and then quickly heal.
- To have in our midst, you can use the bark of oak?
- Exactly.
Case of skin allergy results by using cosmetics
- Too many women caring for their beauty, become not hesitate to cosmetics. But all whether it may be useful for our skin? The unfortunate experience with us to share the actress, Svetlana.
Svetlana, actress
- On graduation, I left home spouse to Yugoslavia. Has been to the theater. And near the theater was such an amazing shop with different cosmetics companies. So getting the first salary, I went there and only buy. Now enjoy ...
Three days later, I covered spots. Besides, I started swelling. We had to call «ambulance». I just was on the verge of life and death.
And after that had long treated.
Because this happen to me, in the future, I became very wary of cosmetics.
I lived in Yugoslavia and noted that women there are fantastic. They have fantastic skin. In eighty years, women have no wrinkles, taut body. They used olive oil and clay.
I have all this took note and I want to show you that I use the.
Clean through riddle tomato. And take a spoon of tomato resulting puree. Then take spoon clay. All this is mixed. So this sour cream mass.
Clay disinfects the skin, wrinkles smooth out wrinkles, bleach face. And receiving the mask overlaid on the face. Keep it on 20 minutes. Then the first wash off with hot water, then cold. And sure to rinse finish those mineral water.
If you have dry skin, then add the mixture ryazhenka (fermented baked milk).
Tomato with clay gives dramatic results.
- No tomato is allergenic product?
- Yes, if he goes inside, but we also because of its use on the skin, so even with clay. My council, which must necessarily clean the intestines. Because allergy is the fact that our bodies simply does not work, especially thick intestines.
This is done by decreasing the Moon, 3-4 days a month. Take a half liter of cabbage pickle, a half liter of purified water and a half liters of fresh apple juice. The result is 4.5 liters. And on this day you do not Eat. And only drink 4.5 liters of these liquids. All this goes to the toilet. During the day of such liquid so that its drink up to six nights.
- And what effect?
- Awesome!
After doing fine stomach, liver, kidneys. Of course this is a complex process, of course, it is difficult to make. But try! - Help.

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